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My search for interesting cycle-friendly clothing continues. The latest effort is the trousers from Vogue 1378, a Donna Karan design. I could swear I saw these on Net-a-Porter at some point recently, but they’re gone now. The pattern calls for a two-way stretch knit. I used some thin neoprene I got from Cloth House a […]

Thanks so much for all the great advice about how to fix my trapeze dress. I finally found a source of zips of the right style and length on eBay, so I’ve ordered one. Fingers crossed it does the job. Meanwhile I’ve been making the trousers from Vogue 1378, inspired by Shams’ version. I’m using […]

Silver skinnies


Here’s another version of Burda 103-07-2010. They’re made from the same silver-painted stretch denim as last time, but this piece of fabric wasn’t pre-washed so is still very shiny. It won’t last of course but I will enjoy them before they fade. The last pair had loads of wrinkles under the bum. I tried taking […]

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows I have a strange love for shiny trousers. But I don’t wear trousers a whole lot so up until now I’ve only made one shiny pair, which gradually shrunk in the wash until I could no longer do them up. Now I’m needing some cycle-friendly […]

Silver trousers


The silver trousers are done. These are Burda 103B-07-2010 again. My previous attempt was made in black stretch denim. The silver fabric is also denim, but definitely non-stretch. I made the same size as I did the first pair because I really didn’t want them to be baggy, but basted them together to check the […]

I haven’t actually got the plague, but I do have a cold that will not go away. The worst thing about it is that I’ve definitely not been up to sewing. When you find you’re ripping out as much as you’re stitching it’s definitely time to walk away from the machine. So the silver trousers […]

So I guess the first attempt at trousers is officially a success! Thanks for all the kind comments. I wore them to work this week – always a good test – and they were pretty comfortable but I realised I’d ideally like the waist a bit lower and the legs longer. Now as I don’t […]

Here’s my first ever attempt at sewing full-length trousers. I don’t wear trousers much. I have one pair of black RTW skinny jeans that comes out of the wardrobe every week or two for hardware-wrangling at work, but otherwise I’m normally to be found in dresses. This pair are Burda 103B-07-2010 made up in black […]



Wow, what a lot of helpful references you gave me for sewing fly closures! The Perfect Nose even very kindly scanned in Ottobre’s version for me – thanks! I read through them all, compared with my one remaining pair of RTW jeans, and finally the process started to make sense. So this weekend I decided […]

After successfully making a pair of BurdaStyle shorts at the weekend (and thanks for all the lovely comments!) I decided to forge recklessly ahead and make trousers from a BurdaStyle pattern. Only to come up against the mystery of the fly closure. I’m sure part of the problem here is that Burda’s instructions are not […]


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