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I finally finished my wrap dress. It is a copy of a Vivienne Westwood dress I had for many years and wore until it wasn’t fit to be seen. The style is no longer available so the only solution was to make my own version. It has a lovely asymmetric collar detail. The left collar […]

Coat conundrum


Well it turns out I don’t need to make curtains for my sewing room after all. My mother has very kindly offered to make me some. Thanks, mum! So we shall be doing some mother-daughter fabric shopping in December for curtain fabric and hopefully also for the kimono I said I’d make for her. I’d […]

Recently we rearranged the house to make better use of space. My office/sewing area moved into what was the very small spare bedroom. It’s been great having dedicated space to sew in. But I don’t think I can put off doing something about the curtains much longer. That isn’t an optical illusion. It is an […]

Thanks everyone for the encouraging and helpful suggestions about my cutting mistake. Alas it’s too late for that dress, which went in the bin shortly after I discovered my mistake, but it’s all good advice to remember for next time. So I finally cut the Liberty fabric. Although to be perfectly accurate, what actually happened […]

Disaster has struck my wrap dress project. As I posted on Sunday, I managed to cut the body of the dress out wrong side up so it would wrap the wrong way. That was recoverable from – as people kindly said, it’s likely no one’s going to notice. But when I came to sew the […]

Do you notice which way a wrap dress wraps? As you’ve probably guessed, I have managed to cut out my wrap dress the wrong way up so it’s going to wrap left over right instead of right over left. I thought I was being clever by cutting it out with the wrong side of the […]

Remember the other day I was moaning about how I always buy too much fabric and end up with lots of little lengths left over? Well the stash gods heard me, got in their time machine, and went back two years to my very first visit to the fabric shops of Goldhawk Road where they […]

I’ve just done a muslin for my Liberty fabric dress. The pattern is an attempt to reproduce an elderly and much loved Vivienne Westwood wrap dress that has been sitting in a box for the last few years because I wore it to destruction but can’t bear to chuck it. Here’s the now rather sad-looking […]

Thanks so much for the positive feedback about my hoodie dress. I wore it to work today and can report that it is not only toasty warm – great in the airconditioned machine rooms – but also survived my having to lie on the floor to plug cables into servers. So it’s definitely growing on […]


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